Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Loving Arms

Some supplementary Rheos reading from the past week.

First off, a fine and affecting piece of prose from my dear friend and musical comrade Tristan O'Malley can be found here, illustrating one of the principal reasons I've always loved this band so.

I mentioned Howard Druckman's eulogy in Eye earlier (and the accompanying celebrity tributes), but in some ways I found Ben Rayner's piece in the Star more interesting, mainly because he's not the kind of fan that Druckman and I are, and he's honest about what he did and didn't like about the band--how ultimately part of their charm is that we weren't always supposed to "get it," that it was their ability to baffle and sometimes fail outright that made their highest of heights even possible.

Rayner also commissioned Bidini to offer a Veteran Warhorse tour of old rock'n'roll Toronto here.

And, not surprisingly, Bidini is never short on words when it comes to his own history, including anecdotes that even I hadn't heard before. Those can be found in this Globe and Mail piece.

Finally, cbc.ca/arts has a nice photo gallery from the band's own archives.

The Whaleman has been keeping tabs on most of this, as has the fan message board.

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