Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Arcade Fire

Two of the longest months of my professional life--for a multitude of reasons, high and low--culminate with my Arcade Fire article, which runs today on AOL Canada here. Enjoy!

I spent a week with the band in Montreal during the week of their secret warm-up shows in January: hanging out at rehearsals at the church, going to the shows, and even stalking them at their earplug-fitting appointments, because interview time that week was so scarce that even their personal assistant suggested such an ambush. Three hours of interviews with Win, Regine, Tim, Jeremy and Richie may well eventually appear somewhere else, in some form, but in the meantime the AOL piece is timed (obviously) with today's release date of Neon Bible. A few of the more hyperbolic adjectives were editorial insertions.

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Mike said...

Got to love those editorial insertions. My favorite was when the words "monster assed staged" were attributed to me. Looking forward to the article.